Make a Pledge

I pledge to: Cut carbon

The journey is often the biggest part of the carbon footprint of a holiday, so your choice on how you travel can make a big difference.

The atmosfair Airline Index compares and ranks the carbon efficiency of the 200 largest airlines of the world, which you can use to choose a more efficient airline. Packing light, so reducing the weight of your luggage will reduce the amount of fuel needed and so reduce the amount of carbon emitted during your flight. You can also offset, although reducing carbon will always be better than offsetting.  When you buy carbon offsets, you pay to take planet-warming carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere in exchange for the greenhouse gases you put in. For example, you can put money toward replanting trees, which absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  Your travel provider may offer this, or you can do this through a carbon offset provider.

You can also cut carbon by booking accommodation which is reducing their emissions, such as Travelife certified hotels. Travelife helps hotels to manage their environmental impacts, such as reducing carbon emissions though energy reduction and efficiencies, providing low carbon food options and reducing food waste.

The carbon emissions of the food we eat whilst on holiday can be greater than transport (in some cases even flying) and where we stay.  You can cut your carbon emissions by swapping meat for plant-based menu choices and minimising food waste, as well as focussing on local, seasonal produce.

Electricity can make up a big part of hotel carbon emissions. Taking simple actions like turning off electrical appliances when leaving a hotel room will reduce your carbon footprint on holiday.

If a hotel uses key cards, take them out when you leave your room to turn off appliances. Also, adhere to the recommended air-conditioning temperature so as not to waste energy and avoid keeping the air conditioning on all day.

Finally, using low carbon transport methods such as local transport, taxi pooling or renting a hybrid car, as well as walking and cycling can improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions.

All these actions will help you cut your carbon emissions.