Make a Pledge

I pledge to: Protect children

Think twice about how you interact with children on holiday; if something wouldn’t be comfortable at home, it probably isn’t right abroad either.

Giving money or gifts to begging children can be harmful to the child and their family. It can provide children with an incentive to stay out of school, and it is also possible that this is part of organised crime. They may also be trafficked and forced to beg.

Orphanages can receive funding from the tourism industry, whether that is from tourists visiting or making donations, or from volunteers. However, growing evidence highlights that these institutions harm children – especially when a parent or close family members are still living nearby. Funding from the tourism industry can encourage the expansion of orphanages. Tourists visiting and volunteering in orphanages can make children vulnerable to abuse and creates attachment problems in children who become attached to short-term visitors.

Donating money to a respectable local NGO is the most beneficial way to give back to children in need.