Make a Pledge

I pledge to: Respect animals and biodiversity

Opportunities to view or interact with animals are popular with holidaymakers all over the world, and they can be enjoyable, educational and support conservation. However, where experiences are not carefully managed, they can jeopardise animal welfare and your holiday experience. 

If booking an activity involving animals, whether that’s in captivity or in the wild, ask if your tour operator has an animal welfare policy. See ABTA’s advice on things to keep in mind.

By making small changes to what we buy, we can make a big difference to the environment and biodiversity. For example, check the ingredients when purchasing sunscreen and avoid the ingredient oxybenzone - this chemical damages coral reefs and disrupts the marine ecosystem.

You should also avoid buying souvenirs from threatened wildlife, such as shells, corals, tortoiseshell, sponges, ebony or ivory. Opt for lionfish if you see it on a restaurant menu, it’s often an invasive species posing a threat to reef ecosystems, and tastes great too.