Heathrow Express

Heathrow Express — Celebrating success with upcycled artworks.

A new 36-meter long poster campaign is highlighting sustainability credentials at Heathrow Express. The posters run along the breadth of the Heathrow Express walkway at Terminal 2, highlighting its support for Heathrow’s target to get 50% of passengers travelling to and from the airport by public transport by 2030. 

The poster features sculptures made by artist Rebecca Sutherland from cups, plastic bottles and newspapers found on Heathrow Express trains. The poster highlights achievements, including the fact that it has more female drivers than the industry average, no waste goes to landfill, and their fleet of trains is all-electric. One of the posters, highlighting the 500 hours of community work Heathrow Express has given, features a typically British plate of fish and chips crafted as a clever piece of up-cycled origami.


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