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Navigate Travel, UK & New Zealand – tackling plastic pollution

Navigate Travel creates memorable travel experiences on the sea through their brands MedSailors and Yacht Getaways. It’s therefore, no surprise that protecting the marine environment is a top priority. A robust reduce, reuse and recycling policy ensures that Navigate brands limit plastic use, raise awareness, and help to clean up the sea. A ‘Say No to Plastic’ campaign encourages guests to bring reusable water bottles and coffee cups.  Whilst their Floatie Recycle scheme reuses floaties asking guests to donate to Navigate's 2 marine conservation based charities. This year, money raised is matched by Navigate Travel with a target of £10,000 this year.

Navigate Travels ethos lies in education. With a robust staff training on the environmental issues to create a culture of change in the countries they sail. ith passionate staff making changes like no cling-film or plastic pegs onboard, a no approach to single-use plastic straws in partnered bars, give back the glass and only eco cleaning products in use, Navigate Travel is championing the new normal for a more sustainable yacht life and holiday practices. The aim is to build up their staff to be ocean advocates and inspire holidaymakers to return home more educated and motivated to continue a greater sustainable lifestyle. With weekly guest participated beach cleans for guests and a ‘see it, say it, sort it’ policy to collect or report litter, Navigate has bought the problem at hand to the heart of their holidays.


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