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Topdeck Travel — Building a sustainable ethos

Topdeck Travel knows how important being a responsible and sustainable travel provider is to the world and their customers. To ensure trips have a minimal impact on the environment, the tour operator is reducing waste, cutting back emissions, and inspiring staff and customers to do their bit.

In 2018, Topdeck saved half a tonne of single-use plastic though their in-house catering function and donated 150kg of unopened food to European food banks. In 2019, Topdeck has built on these waste reduction strategies with the aim on reducing a further three quarters of a tonne of single-use plastic and donating more unopened food than in 2018. The company has introduced reusable water bottles in Croatia (they’ve been provided in Asia since 2014) and initiated a plastic bottle collection scheme in Australia’s Outback. So far, this collection scheme has raised $800 for charity whilst cleaning up the environment. Topdeck coaches in Europe and New Zealand comply with Euro 5 and Euro 6 regulations, to ensure that they are as carbon-efficient and clean as diesel vehicles can be.

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You’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a carry-on bag by sustainability leaders Patagonia. Share your actions and get involved to help to ensure that people, wildlife and landscapes benefit from tourism as much holidaymakers do. #MHG19.

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