Virgin Atlantic - reducing waste

Virgin knows that the most significant environmental impact of going on holiday is flying. By reducing aircraft weight, Virgin Atlantic can reduce the amount of fuel used and reduce emissions. They’ve developed a reduce, reuse recycle approach, with a strong emphasis on reducing, to tackle waste and carbon reductions simultaneously. The airline’s inflight team is continually analysing the best possible sustainable options, to ensure the whole life cycle of products is considered.

Plastic bags have been removed from headsets, blankets are folded differently to reduce the size of plastic bag needed, and inflight glasses are made of 80% recycled plastic. Paper straws are only given to those that request them, and stirrers are wood, not plastic. When it comes to recycling, Virgin have been collecting headsets, blankets and amenity kits since 2008 to be reused, refurbished and recycled by a specialist company. This means they are 100% diverted from landfill.


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