DER Touristik Hotels and Resorts, Germany - food waste

In German hotels alone, approximately 200,000 tonnes of food waste is produced every year. Keen to tackle the problem head-on, DER Touristik Hotels and Resorts has joined the project ‘Avoidance of food waste in hotels’ — a project spearheaded by sustainability initiative Futouris e.V. to help hotels reduce up to 400 kilograms of food waste per week.

To develop a plan of action for hotels, the project monitored food waste from hotels across Europe, including DER Touristik affiliate Iti Asterias Beach Resort in Rhodes. Consequently, Iti Asterias hotel has implemented food waste reduction schemes including a pre-order system for the a-la-carte restaurant, live cooking to complement buffets and educating guests about having a more conscious approach towards food.

The first measures successfully reduced food waste by 18%, and now the concept is being rolled out across other hotels in the group.