Experience Travel Group

Experience Travel Group

Travelling “sustainably” is part of the DNA at Experience Travel Group (ETG). They have built their company around a belief that exploring the world is a wonderful experience and that tourism can have a positive impact when we respect the world as we explore it. They firmly believe travelling in a way that preserves the natural environment, adheres to cultural customs and supports local communities is not just respectful but actually makes for a better travel experience.

They promote small family-run hotels and properties that retain a strong connection with their immediate community. They actively source excursions and activities that put local people at the centre and spread the economic benefits of tourism around the community. In this way, local people are empowered by the opportunities created for employment, development and conservation, while visitors have an opportunity to take part in high quality, often unique experiences that have a direct and positive impact.

They also support social enterprise in Asia by including a meal at a vocational training restaurant in many of their signature excursions. Around 200 ETG clients per year enjoy a delicious lunch at restaurants such as Inle Heritage in Myanmar, Streets in Vietnam and Friends in Cambodia, generating an estimated $4000 worth of annual revenue which goes directly back into hospitality training programmes for young people. Client feedback has been excellent, with many people saying this was one of the best meals of their trip.

*200 clients, spending average $20pp, $4,000 revenue, 2018